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Squash Harvest

I’ve harvested the first four squash today as they have grown to a fair size and the plant it trying to grow more:

Squash for Ripening

Squash for Ripening

These four now need to ripen and harden over the next couple of weeks before they can be used. There are some more squash forming on the same plant and there is a second plant in another part of the garden that has two female flowers on it that I think I’ve pollinated.

Today has been a good day – this is progress being able to harvest something from the garden at long last!


Squash Progress

In a previous post I covered how I was losing the squash. Turned out I was mistaking the female flower as actually something growing properly.

Now that I know that I need to help the pollination of this plant, I’m well on my way to sampling some home produce. I currently have four growing really well:

Growing Squash

Growing Squash

This has grown significantly in just a few days. I’ve put the secateurs there to try to give some concept of size. Continue reading