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Finally! Tomatoes!

Well after a couple of years of doing battle with Fruit Fly, I finally get some tomatoes. This has to be the simplest growing of tomatoes going as these were volunteer plants from my compost. This is the first of many, many tomatoes!



One of the reasons for finally getting some success is the exclusion bags from Green Harvest along with Eco-Naturalure. I am finally making progress in my battle against the Fruit Fly!

Better find some recipes to make something with all these as there are more ripening now.


Better late than never – Tomatoes

I was very late with my Tomatoes this year and found my seeds were ruined (more on that separately). I’ve bought some plants from the nursery but have also inherited some Tomato plants around the garden from compost!

Some of these plants are struggling with the heat but others are doing well. This one is growing near a Nectarine tree along with either a Pumpkin or Zucchini.

Tomato flowers

Tomato flowers

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