After The Rain

Well it has finally stopped raining! We’ve had some very heavy rain in the last week with a big storm on the Friday knocking out power in Gosford.

The rain has been good for most of the garden but has left me with some work to do in other areas e.g. mowing a very long lawn with about two weeks growth.

The photo below is some of the Comfrey flowers. This plant is being grown as a beneficial one – it attracts good insects, the leaves are good for compost/fertiliser tea and the roots go deep to bring up nutrients:

Comfrey Flowers

The next photo is the flowers on the young Lemon Myrtle tree that is currently growing in a pot until I work out where I want it long term. The leaves are used fresh or dried & ground and have a lemon & lime oil flavour. They can be used with baked fish, to make a lemon tea, breads and cheesecake etc., chicken and rice dishes, and sauces. Looking forward to trying some.

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle


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